Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my session take place?
I typically shoot all sessions outdoors except newborn, babies up to one year old, and headshots. I have several locations I have access to but am more than happy to use another location. I just ask for the address before the session so I can check out the light and location to make sure it will give you the best possible images. I travel within 30 miles of zip code 76692. If the location is further than that distance there may be an additional charge. I love to photograph and new and exciting locations! Do you already have a location in mind? Great! Just let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate!

Do we reschedule if the weather is bad?
Bad weather happens. Rain and wind are inevitable. We keep a very close eye on the weather forecast and will reschedule your outdoor session as soon as possible if we feel it isn’t conducive for you.
Even so, it really depends on your definition of “bad”! We actually reschedule sessions more often due to wind than anything else. But, we can still do your session if it’s windy, raining or even snowing. Please just keep in mind that anything over 5-8mph wind will likely blow your hair around.

If it’s raining well, it’s a little more complicated. We can simply reschedule your session in hopes of better weather. We cannot risk getting rain on the camera equipment during the session.

When is it best to schedule my session?
Now… it is best to schedule your session as soon as you can, even if it might be a few months away. I am typically booking sessions for about 3 months out in most seasons, sometimes more. I can typically squeeze you in if you are flexible but weekends go VERY quickly and I do have to turn clients away from time to time.

What is your reschedule, cancellation, and refund policy?
I typically allow reschedules for rain or extremely dark or windy days. This is at photographer’s discretion. I will text you to let you know we need to reschedule and find the soonest date that suits both our schedules.
I know there are cases where a child gets sick the morning of a session and I appreciate notice as soon as possible. These circumstances can’t be avoided; however, I do reschedule these within 30 days maximum.
If you know you will need to reschedule please contact me at least 3 days prior to the session. If session is rescheduled after that time, the $50 retainer fee will be forfeited. The session will need to be rescheduled within 30 days or session retainer fee is forfeited and an additional retainer fee will be required to rebook.

Refunds are not provided in the event of a session cancellation.